Seeing What I’m Looking For

Good morning. It’s a holiday weekend and it’s busy at the beach. I woke up in time to catch the sunrise over the ocean. Sometimes I’m all by myself, but today there were several others there with me to watch it lift over the horizon and into the sky with surprising speed. I am always amazed at how quickly it moves from bright edge to full red globe low in the sky.

2015-05-25 06.03.50

2015-05-25 06.13.06

There was a woman out intently focused on the sand, not the sky, which is unusual at sunrise. She stopped to chat. “I’m looking for shark’s teeth,” she said, “look how many I found!” And she held out a zip-locked bag full of shiny sharp treasures, dark and smooth. “My daughter likes to pick shells,” she continued, “so when I’m with her shells are all I see. But if you want shark’s teeth you have to look for shark’s teeth.” I admired her finds and admitted that I’d never seen any shark’s teeth along the ocean’s edge. But then, again, I hadn’t been looking for them. It makes me wonder how many things I miss seeing because I’m not looking for them. It makes me want to change my focus and look for what I want to see.

Anyhow. It’s a beautiful day. There’s a breeze through the open patio door and I’m enjoying this time. The birds are making such joyous sounds that it’s like an avian orchestra. (The geese haven’t shown up yet to honk it up.)  2015-05-25 07.10.50

I have a lot to do. I’ve rented a booth at a local Artisan’s gallery and am supposed to be moving in today. (I’m not ready.) I haven’t thought of a name for my gallery spot (Gullahmama’s Art & Textiles by Natalie Daise is a consideration). And I need to get hopping. But for just a few more minutes I’ll sit here with my laptop and enjoy my many blessings — and share them with you! Other things I’m grateful for today —

My yellow tea kettle, 2015-05-25 08.52.41

mint from my front yard for tea, 2015-05-25 08.42.16

and the Great Big Mama Oak Tree at the start of the route I take to the beach. 2015-05-25 06.56.22

Happy Monday!


15 thoughts on “Seeing What I’m Looking For

  1. Thank you Natalie for sharing the beautiful sunrise. I’m in cloudy Indiana and didn’t see any sunrise here. You’re thankfulness reminded me to look around at all I have to be thankful for too. And some of my favorite things are big old trees. I just love them. Have a wonderful day sister 🙂

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