Snow White and the Pre-Tack Take

2015-05-14 19.32.45

Okay. Silly title, but we were pretty silly this past weekend. My sweetie and I were in a Savannah, GA recording studio working with a couple of extremely talented young men. We were recording a song that my husband wrote for Brookgreen Gardens, the beautiful place where he works.

He wrote the song and Travis did the music. Vern, an excellent and talented vocalist and musician, was there to direct and produce. At one point Vern said, “You sound like Snow White.” Ha!! After I got up off the floor from laughing so hard I continued to sing but Snow White was in my head for the rest of the session and I could just imagine the little blue birds flitting in to sit on my shoulder! Okay. I’m laughing again, but that was the first time I have EVER been compared to Snow White! Any how – the Pre-Tack Take came from my husband who I’d asked to get me a tack so that I could put the lyric sheet up in front of me. I’d done a take of the song before the request and then sang it again. They all agreed that the pre-tack take was the best so…. A lot of laughing in that studio!

2015-05-15 18.01.562015-05-14 19.30.40

These guys are amazing. They used to watch Ron and me on television when they were little. And now, completely grown and talented and brilliant, they are assisting us with this project. Wow. I love it.

To make things even better, the Telfair had a print exhibit, including these famous prints by Andy Warhol. (I take terrible selfies, but at least you can see the prints.)

2015-05-15 12.42.20 2015-05-15 12.46.01

It’s got me excited about screen printing, so I’m exploring. I’m on my back porch watching the egret fish in the pond and playing with textile printing today. There is a cardinal couple in the bush just 6 feet from my shoulder. I am so grateful for this day!


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