I am a storyteller

Photo by Lisa Rentz

Photo by Lisa Rentz

This is my declaration of purpose. I am a storyteller.

Last week while walking along the beach near my home I had an epiphany.  The time has sped by so quickly.  I remember 22 like it was yesterday. But it wasn’t. There are most likely less years ahead of me than behind me. What am I going to do with them? What will I focus on in the years ahead? Now, most likely I’ll have a long life. My grandmother is 97 and up until her early 90’s was still making new friends, playing the piano and writing poetry. I’ve got good genes. What do I want to be doing with myself when I’m her age?

Post & Courier photo

Post & Courier photo

I want to be telling stories. I want to walk onstage at 93 and tell a story that changes the perspective of those who hear me tell it. I want to share a story that means something. I want to entertain. I want to educate. I want to empower. I want to inspire. And I want to do it with stories. The stories may be historic, or personal and true, or folk tales, or epic stories of heroes journeys. They may be for adults, or students, or children, or corporate groups. It doesn’t matter. Stories changes lives. Stories help us make connections. Stories teach us and inspire us and open windows into experiences the way nothing else does. I plan to be the master storyteller with (maybe) gray hairs and a million stories to back them up.

Photo by Lisa Rentz

Photo by Lisa Rentz

There are so many things I am interested in. I’m currently earning my M.A. in the study of creativity. Fascinating stuff. I paint. I’ve recently fallen in love with block printing. I love doing my one-woman show on Harriet Tubman. I love public speaking and facilitating workshops. I love singing. I will do more of all of these things, and some stuff I haven’t even considered yet. But whether painting or printing or singing or teaching, it is all about the story. I am a storyteller.

Photo by Lisa Rentz

Photo by Lisa Rentz

And as my son says after making any strong declarative statement: amen.


6 thoughts on “I am a storyteller

  1. You go girl! As a writer I know where you’re coming from. Writing and storytelling has been the backbone of society since we learned to use language. I love hearing your stories and I would be thrilled to attend a show of yours someday.

    By the way when I was growing up the stories you told on Gullah Gullah Island taught me so much about life and gave me happy childhood memories. Thanks to you and your family for that.

  2. I wanna hear all of your stories! Needed some inspiration this morning so I’m visiting the Gullahmama blog…it reminded me of the power of “I am” .

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