What’s Next?

It’s been a month since my nest emptied. I was expecting to feel some sadness and some elation.  I was surprised. For the first 2 weeks I felt A LOT of sadness and no elation whatsoever. It’s not that I wasn’t happy that my son was moving on. I was. And I was tremendously relieved he’d pulled it off, considering how challenging the last couple of years have been for him. (Much of that has NOT been in this blog!) It’s just that I have been Mommy for so long that I felt set adrift. A little lost. What was next? In spite of the fact that I immediately moved my sewing table and machine into his room, had the carpet shampooed and covered the sofa with a white slip cover (okay — I wasn’t HEARTBROKEN), it still took at least 10 days before I stopped checking his bed in the morning, expecting to see him sprawled across the mattress.

I wonder if I’ve taught my children everything I should have. What’s the best way to parent them now? I hope they’ve got what it takes to navigate this constantly changing world. I hope I didn’t leave them unprepared.

Many years ago I started to write a book about parenting, but I felt I hadn’t been doing it well enough or long enough to really know what I was talking about, despite how it looked on TV! I think it’s time to write it now. Because maybe there are still some things I can share with my children that they need to know. And maybe it will give me some perspective as well.  So here we go! I’ll include excerpts in this blog as I go along.


3 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Hi Mrs. Natalie,
    If and when you decide to write a book about parenting, I will gladly purchase a copy. In fact I will rush to the book store to buy one:) I believe you are an awesome mother. After reading all of the previous blogs you have written in the past about your children, I am convinced that you and Mr. Ron have done a wonderful job raising them. You’ve always maintained good communication with them, and that is the key to raising children. God Bless You—–Gigi

  2. Ha! Join the club. Mine is 26 and he recently moved via a job tranfer 8 or 10 hours away. Initially, I was lost (he’s my only one). Although he hasn’t lived with me for years, he went to college and lived near/in our city, so I saw him fairly often. This new situation is taking some getting used to.

    I lol’d when he had the nerve to be affronted that I turned his bedroom into my exercise room/diva den. He was all like “you have three other bedrooms! Why are you messing with my room?” What in the world??? lol!

    I like the book idea! Oh and sorry for blogging in your comment session. This post (and the picture) resonated with me for some reason. Happy sewing and writing.

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