The Boys are Aiight

It was one of those times when our children left us shaking our heads in confusion.  “I don’t know what kind of good we’ve been,” I said to my husband, “we might as well as just dropped them off after birth to be raised by wolverines. ” Cause sometimes it feels that way.  That after all the healthy snacks, and TV monitoring and morning and bed time prayers and positive feedback, and just plain all around conscious parenting — it’s all for nothing and the children will just be whoever they will be anyway.  We might as well have just sat on the porch and drank tequilas and left them to their own devices.  But then again… sometimes I am so proud of the people they are becoming. It might not have anything to do with the organic whole grains in their lunch boxes or family crafts around the table, the faith we practiced or the lessons we tried to teach. Or maybe it does.  Who knows?  Reading this article was one of those times.  Could be the boys are aiiight…

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3 thoughts on “The Boys are Aiight

  1. Hi Mrs. Natalie,
    I was just reading your post about our boys. Yes I believe they are going to be just fine. I use to strongly…,think the same way about my son. He’ll be 25yrs. old in October, if the God Lord allows him to see it. I remember doing alot of the same things you did and wondered to myself…, at times…,WHY? There were times…, when he was a teen that I was very worried. However..,we kept praying with him and for him and talking to him and with him. Now that he is older…,I see where alot of my prayers are being answered concerning him. Just keep them in prayer, encourage going to church and most of all.., no matter how old they get…, keep communication as a #1 top priority. Love reading your post. They are deeply inspiring. God Bless You and your family—Gigi

  2. Thank you Gigi! Yeah, sometimes we have to believe in them when they don’t believe in themselves. And sometimes we need help believing ourselves. Thanks for your insight.

    • You’re quite welcome :))) I like the part where you said ” sometimes we have to believe in them when they don’t believe in themselves.” Yes we do need help believing too. Thanks for your response. Keep inspiring me with you post. God Bless You :)))

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