The Perfect Parent

Several years ago a friend of mine said to me, “I love watching you on TV. You always say the wisest things!” Well, yeah. With a team of 12 script writers it’s easy to say the perfect thing. And, of course, the 23 minute show limit. And song breaks. But in real life it’s not so easy. There are times when I am so overwhelmed by my limitations as a parent that I find myself unable to even talk about it. That’s one reason I haven’t been blogging. Parenting can be hard work. And as my children get older I realize daily how little control I actually have. I love them. I do my best, but ultimately, they are individuals who make their own decisions and are creating their own lives. When they are little and looking at us adoringly, we don’t realize that they are, even then, speeding away from us in their own directions.

But there are upsides. Today as I sat on the couch next to my almost 6 foot son, he said, “You know ma, sometimes you have to sacrifice to get where you want.” I wanted to hug him. I wanted to yell, “Yay! You’re finally getting it!” But I didn’t. I said casually, “Yeah. You’re right. Sometimes you do.” And in that moment I felt like a pretty good mother. Sure he said it was something he learned from this guy on the basketball court, but I’d like to think that what we’ve been saying for 17 years played some small role in his “Aha” moment. We aren’t perfect, but, luckily, perfection isn’t required.


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Parent

      • Wow….
        These words came right on time for me. I had recently been feeling down on myself about whether I’m doing a good job parenting. But I realize that I need to trust my instincts. They are still very small (4 and 2) so I have a while before I reach Sim or Sara’s age group. I better enjoy this time before it’s over with!!!

      • You speak the truth! They are so sweet at 2 and 4. Really. They are. There is still sweetness at 17, but it gets buried…

  1. Ms. Natalie,
    My 2 year old son loves to watch Gullah Gullah Island. I record it on the DVR. We did not have a DVR for a little while and he did not get to watch it because its on so late. He is very happy to have it back. He watches your show over and over and repeats your songs and such now. Last night he brough me the broom to do limbo. He keeps doing hambone. Its too cute.

    Do you still have contact with the other children from the show? You all look so happy on ther show.

    • Hi Karing Mom,
      We did have fun on the show! I haven’t been in touch with the other children on the show for a while. Well, they aren’t really children anymore! Occasionally I follow them on facebook though!

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